Aam Aadmi Party misleading Delhi public on NRC

Aam Aadmi Party misleading Delhi public on NRC

Aam Aadmi Party misleading Delhi public on NRC


The final list of “National Register of Citizens” (NRC) for Assam has been published. Opposition parties are nagging after the publishing of final list of NRC in Assam that left out over 19 lakh people, marking them as “outsiders”. Even “Aam Aadmi Party” misleading Delhi public on NRC.


Statements of “Arvind  Kejriwal”:

As per the BJP government, NRC will be prepared and published in all states and union territories of India. After this decision Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that “If NRC is implemented in Delhi, then the Bihari born MP Manoj Tiwari will be the first one who will have to leave Delhi“.



Statement of Sanjay Singh:

After publishing the NRC in ASSAM, AAP MP Sanjay Singh given the statement into a press conference that “if it was implemented in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath would have to go to Uttarakhand”.

Statement of Saurabh Bharadwaj:

AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj tweeted “People from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, and Bihar come to Delhi for employment, are equal partners in Delhi’s development. they are not a thief. If the NRC is implemented in Delhi, then all of them will have to leave Delhi. Why are you against them”?


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What is NRC?

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Government of India containing names & certain relevant information for identification of Indian citizens. Assam has become the first state in India where the update of the NRC is being taken up to include the names of those persons whose names appeared in the NRC.

If the NRC will be introduced all over the country then only all intruder will be thrown out of the country. And all the citizens of India have a right to move freely throughout the country.

But leaders of “Aam Aadmi Party” spreading rumors among Delhi public about NRC, claiming that if NRC is implemented in Delhi then people from different states will have to leave Delhi.

Even Article 19 of Indian Constitution also gives the right to all indian citizens reside and settle in any part of the territory of India.

What is Article 19:

Article 19 of the Indian Constitution prescribes and protects the following kinds of freedoms to all citizens of India –

a) Freedom of speech and expression.

b) Freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms.

c) Freedom to form associations or unions.

d) Freedom to move freely throughout the territory of India.

e) Freedom to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India.

f) Freedom to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade, or business.


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