Article 30A and law of banning Gita, Ramayana in schools

Article 30A and law of banning Gita, Ramayana in schools

Article 30A and law of banning Gita, Ramayana in schools


According to social media university there is one article, Article 30A that bans Gita, Ramayana in schools or that does not allow to teach Gita, Ramayana in School or any institute. So lets check the facts about Article 30A and law of banning Gita, Ramayana in schools.

First let’s see what Social Media university is saying.

Some social media viral posts of article 30A:

Previously it was viral with this caption

Article 30 : – Quran can be taught in the madarsas !

Article 30(A) : – Geeta can not be read in schools !

Credit goes to👉 Jawaharlal Nehru …

Archived the post in case they delete in future

Twiterrati Says


Check the Pushpendra Kulshrstha(Senior Indian Journalist) video to see what he thinks

Now when article 370 and 35A has been removed, this is being viral with different caption

मोदीजी अब धारा 30A हटाओ, ताकि स्कूलों में गीता-रामायण जैसे ग्रन्थ पढ़ाये जा सके –!!

🚩 ll जय श्री राम ll🚩


Is article 30A even exists?

Let’s find out if it exists. When we looked for this article, we couldn’t find any such article. This is how article 30 categorized article 30(1), 30(1A), 30(2).

What is article 30?

Article 30 of the India Constitution states the right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions. Following are the subclauses.

Article 30(1) says that all minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.
Article 30(1A) deals with the fixation of the amount for acquisition of property of any educational institution established by minority groups.
Article 30(2) states that the government should not discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language, while giving aid.

So far it’s clear that neither this article 30A exists nor any law exists that bans teaching Geeta, Ramayana in schools.

Experts Talks:

India Today got in touch with former secretary-general of Lok Sabha PDT Achary, who told us that there is no mention about any religious text in the Constitution. Our Constitution is secular and does not contain any provisions which suggest that the Quran can be taught in madrasas and Gita cannot be read in schools.

Claim : Article 30A bans teaching Geeta Ramayana in Schools

Fact:  Neither there is such article named 30A nor any law bans teaching Geeta, Ramayana in schools

VerifyKhabar Says:

There is no such article 30A and there is not any law which bans Geeta, Ramanyana in schools. Though article 30(1) gives freedom to minorities to establish their educational institute of their choice. Where they can decide what they want to teach, like Madarsa, Convent Schools.

But according to Indian Law no one can stop someone to teach Geeta, Ramayana in the schools.

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