Viral truth of burning the Indian flag by RSS

Viral truth of burning the Indian flag by RSS

Viral truth of burning the Indian flag by RSS



A new viral message can be seen circulating on social media. According to this viral message people are claiming that RSS burnt indian flag in a rally. As we have already read in our previous post “Did Vijay Mallya bribe to this political party to escape from india” thats how people use photoshopped to defame political parties. Just like that a photo is being shared on social media, in which people are claiming that RSS members doesn’t respect indian flag. They insulted the indian flag and burnt it in a rally.


So, is it true, that RSS insulted the national flag by burning it.


The truth of burning the Indian flag by RSS:

Let us show you the truth of that photo in which people are blaming RSS that they burnt indian flag in their rally. Actually that photo was photoshopped. In real pic there was Pakistan’s flag in the hand of protestors not Indian flag. And people who are being told to be members of RSS are actually they are workers of “Shivsena”.


Real Photo:

This photo is of that time when activists of “ShivSena” were protesting against the attack of the Pakistan’s army in Jammu.

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RSS burn flag

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