Chhattisgarh police found missing women involved in Love Jihad ?

Chhattisgarh police found missing women involved in Love Jihad ?

Chhattisgarh police found missing women involved in Love Jihad ?


There is one news regarding the “Love Jihad” making round on social media with a image of women hiding their face with a cloth with the following caption.

छत्तीसगढ़ पुलिस ने पिछले 7 माह से लापता 46 युवतियों को अलग अलग प्रदेशो से खोज निकाला। अधिकतर युवतियां प्रेम प्रसंग के तहत गायब हुई थी या यूं कहें कि लव जिहाद की शिकार हुई थी और इनको जिहादियों ने रकम लेकर बेच दिया था। पुलिस मामले की जांच कर रही है, कई खुलासे होने की संभावना है।

People on social media are sharing the same viral news without examine the facts. Even so many public figure like: Pushpendra Kulshrestha (senior Indian journalist) has also posted the same news on their social media accounts.


Pushpendra Kulshrestha shared the same post into his Facebook account as well.


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Reality about the Viral News:

In April 2018, Raipur police raided in a spa and arrested almost 10 girls involved in the sex racket. Hindi News website published the article regarding the same raid. This sex racket were running their business of prostitution via WhatsApp only.



News Video of that raid in Raipur:


Now People are sharing the picture of same raid and claimed them as victims of the love jihad.

What is Love Jihad: Love Jihad is the alleged effort by Muslim men in targeting women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. 

Earlier Pushpendra Kulshrestha given the false statement in his speech about article 30A as well, and we debunked the same statement in our previous post “ARTICLE 30A AND LAW OF BANNING GITA, RAMAYANA IN SCHOOLS“.

So we would like to request you to please examine the facts before sharing it into your social media accounts.


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