Did Vijay Mallya bribe to political party to escape from india ??

Did Vijay Mallya bribe to political party to escape from india ??

Did Vijay Mallya bribe to political party to escape from india ??


Did Vijay Mallya bribe to this political party to escape from india:

Social media and photoshop is the most used tool to defame any political party. We have already mentioned in our previous posts that how social media and photoshop is being used to circulate the fake news and images. Now a days a news is being shared to spoil the image of BJP. Although this type of news have already been shared. but it seems that such reports are being repeated in the election times. The report is about “Vijay Mallya” bribe to “BJP” to escape from India. And to proof their point they are also sharing the soft copy of bank cheque.



One More:


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Reality of Bank Cheque:

Lets try to know the truth. if you carefully look into the cheque, then on the right side you will find the name of cheque owner which is “Glamor Steels Private Limited”.


It means, that owner of this cheque is “Glamor Steels Private Limited”. Lets find out about that company, Is this company of Vijay Mallya?

In our investigation we found that this company was registered in 2007. And the owners of that company are “Amit Kumar Saxena” and “Mukesh Kumar”. It prooved that this company is not of Vijay Mallya.

Company Details:


The use of photoshop didn’t end here :D, we found that the same cheque was issued in the name of “Aam Aadmi Party” also :P.



When we compared both of cheques then we came to know that in both cheques Cheque Number, and company name were kept same, only the name of political party and signature was changed.




Now it was fully certified that the cheque spreading like a viral is a Photoshopped. It is only a conspiracy to defame political parties.


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  • Complete fake cheque, maallya left in mar2016 and cbq dated nov2016 and also maallya is not a signing authority of this company

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