Did WikiLeaks disclose about Rahul Gandhi Marital Status? – Fact Check

Did WikiLeaks disclose about Rahul Gandhi Marital Status? – Fact Check

Did WikiLeaks disclose about Rahul Gandhi Marital Status? – Fact Check


There are many new facts/rumours are viral about Rahul Gandhi, Social media users are sharing a pic of Rahul Gandhi with a girl and saying “WikiLeaks disclosed Rahul Gandhi was married to a Columbian and they even have two children aged 14 & 10”

विकीलीक्स ने खुलासा किया है कि राउल विंची शादीशुदा है इसके 2 बच्चे हैं जो लन्दन में रहते हैं इसकी बीबी कोलंबियन है पहली संतान 14 वर्ष का लड़का नियाक है और दूसरी सन्तान माइनक 10 साल की लड़की है अविवाहित कहकर राहुल गांधी देश को गुमराह कर रहा है

English Translation

WikiLeaks has revealed that Rahul Vinchi is married. He has two kids who lives in London. His wife is Colombian. His first child is a 14-year-old son Niyak and the second child is 10-year-old daughter Mainak. Rahul Gandhi is misleading the country by saying he is unmarried.

Many users shared this post on Facebook


On twitter people shared with different captions, if you will search #विकिलीक्स on twitter, you will see many tweets with different Rahul Gandhi leaks

Archived versions are here




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Fact Check

Reverse searching of image lead us to reality of image, the beautiful lady in the picture is a famous Spanish actress and writer Nathalia Ramos. Nathalia Ramos met Rahul Gandhi in an organised event and she took pictures of Rahul with her. She has also posted same photo on her Instagram account with the caption of “Last night with the eloquent and insightful Rahul Gandhi.” She posted her images on her all the social media handles Twitter, Facebook


We searched on WikiLeaks also and didn’t find any leaks that disclose the Rahul Gandhi marital status.

Of late many political parties are trying their best to ruin the reputation of Rahul Gandhi in India. It is a political propaganda and everyone should be aware of it.


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