Fact Check: PM Narendra Modi has a personal makeup artist on the monthly salary of 15 Lakh

Fact Check: PM Narendra Modi has a personal makeup artist on the monthly salary of 15 Lakh

Fact Check: PM Narendra Modi has a personal makeup artist on the monthly salary of 15 Lakh

An image went viral which claimed that PM Modi has a personal makeup artist. A lady can be seen in the picture applying some beauty product to Modi. She is claimed to be paid 15 lakh rupees a month.

This post was shared by a Facebook account named Aditya Chaturvedi. It received more than 15,000 shares and 700 reactions. This post is now taken down but you can view the archived version still on the internet. Few other Facebook posts with same caption

“15 लाख रुपये महीने की पगार पर रखी गई मेकअप आर्टिस्ट के हाथों मेकअप कराकर सजधज कर रोने के लिए निकलतें हैं — नौटंकीवाज”



Similarly, a tweeter handle named Bharat Prabhat Party (@sarchana1016) also posted the same content with the same caption

Archived version is here

This post also acquired more than fifty retweets and nearly one hundred likes. So is it really that PM Modi has a personal makeup artist who charges 15 lakh per month?

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PM Narendra Modi has a personal makeup artist: Fact Check

To find the truth behind the image, we searched the image on Google Reverse Image Search tool. This opens up a news article from a news channel website. The image was taken from the same article about Narendra Modi. It was about Modi’s wax statue being mounted at Madame Tussauds Museum.

After digging the official website of Museum we found the video uploaded on Youtube by the official handle of Madame Tussaud Museum. The video seemed to be uploaded on 16th March 2016. The video clearly shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Artist. The video was captioned: “Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has been involved in the creation of his figure and gave Madame Tussauds renowned artists a sitting at his residence in New Delhi earlier this year.”

It is clear that the Artist was not Modi’s personal hired but of Madam Tussaud’s. After watching the video you can see that the Artist was not applying make-up on PM Modi’s face, as claimed by the viral fake news. In reality, she is holding up an eyeball near Modi’s eye to study of Modi’s facial features to make his wax statue. This video has been viewed by more than 76 million people and 600 people have left their views on the video. 

You can see that the news was fabricated with the intention of maligning the image of PM Narendra Modi. You should be very alert while sharing such news as it may fuel hostility among people towards the person being targeted. Be a responsible citizen and always verify the facts while sharing, especially if it is related to political and communal events. 

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