Fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case circulates on social media and WhatsApp

Fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case circulates on social media and WhatsApp

Fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case circulates on social media and WhatsApp


All of us are aware about the Nirbhaya gang rape case. In that case the victim girl had to lose her life. In that case all the 6 accused were arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder. Among five of them were convicted and one out of those six was a juvenile. So court convicted him of rape and murder but given the maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment in a reform facility.

Viral Message about fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case:

Now a days social media is having new hoax regarding fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case. People are sharing photo of a guy and claiming that he is the guy who was convicted in Nirbhaya case as the juvenile and released on 20 December 2015. As per viral message “Mohammed Afroz the 5th accused in the infamous Nirbhaya rape and murder case, and the most cruel and perverted one (the one who inserted a steel rod into the victim), who escaped death sentence being a juvenile then. Now he is out of juvenile home stay and now he is reported to have vanished from Delhi to south India. He may be working in some hotels or anywhere and nobody may recognise him. So kindly keep sharing this message and photo. Let him never be able to work or stay anywhere and may such heinous acts not be repeated.”




This message is circulating on whatsapp groups.

Fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case on Social Media

And now some people started to share the same hoax(fake photo of juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case) on their FB/Twitter accounts.


Even If you search the keyword “Afroz Nirbhaya” in Facebook search box. Then you will get the first link of this hoax news.

Nirbhaya afroz

When we checked the fact about this then we found that this photo is taken from a Twitter account @anehabeti. This twitter account was created on 2010 and there are only two tweets. The last tweet was on September 6, 2013.


mohammad afroz


Now question raise that when accused was arrested after the Nirbhaya case in Dec 2012. And because he was juvenile at the time of case so he was sentenced for 3 years of custody. He released in December 2015. Then how is it possible that accused tweeted on his social media account in September 2013. So the conclusion is that neither Twitter account “@anehabheti”, nor the profile pic in @anehabheti twitter account represents the juvenile accused of Nirbhaya Gang rape case.

Now lets come to the name of juvenile accused of Nirbhaya case. So the name of the juvenile accused has not been announced by police. It was kept very confidential because of the minor age of the accused. So its only a fake information that the name of juvenile accused was Mohammad Afroz.

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