False Claim about Hindu woman beaten by Muslim husband in Asam

False Claim about Hindu woman beaten by Muslim husband in Asam

False Claim about Hindu woman beaten by Muslim husband in Asam


Misleading the people through any message or photo is very common today. Social media users share any photos with fictitious story and mislead the people. In the series of this issues, nowadays people are sharing couple of images and claiming that “In Assam, Hindu woman left her husband, kid to marry Zakir Hussain & became Rubiya What’s Zakir Hussain did to her after marriage!”.  So let’s discuss about the truth of claim about “Hindu woman beaten by Muslim husband”.

#असम की ये मैडम जी अपने पति और छोटी सी बेटी को छोड़कर एक कटपीस जाकिर हुसैन के साथ निकाह कर #रुबिया बन गईं थी!

अब हुसैन इनके हूर जैसे खूबसूरत थोबड़े पर लाजवाब पेंटिंग बना रहा है😕


English Translation:

This madam from Asam left her husband and daughter and married to Jakir Husain and changed her name to Rubiya,

Now Husain making wonderful painting on her face.


In first photo a woman with a man and in the second image, the woman has injuries on her face. A lot of people are sharing the same rumour on their social media account.

And if people are believing on the rumour and commenting the post with abusive languages for the particular lady.



Sharing on another Facebook group:



People are sharing this photograph and presenting it as “Love Jihad“. Earlier we have already debunked few rumour in which people were sharing the news as Love Jihad.


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Fact Check:

We tried to check the truth about such rumour then found the link of The Hindu, in a report published in 2012. According to that report Assam Congress MLA Rumi Nath and her second husband Jakie Zakir were beaten up and injured in a hotel in southern Karimganj town.



According to “The Hindu“, On 22 May 2012 Ms. Nath’s first husband Rakesh Singh lodged a FIR, alleging that his wife was kidnapped after she went missing the previous day. But Ms. Nath surfaced in Guwahati on June 2 and said she was not kidnapped and that she was away on a holiday trip to Agartala. Ending media speculation, she also announced that she and Mr. Zakir had been married, and that her papers for divorce with her first husband were ready.

It proves that the claim “Hindu woman beaten by Muslim husband” is completely false.

Share the News and Let the people know the truth

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