False Claim about Murshidabad triple murder case

False Claim about Murshidabad triple murder case

False Claim about Murshidabad triple murder case


A few days ago, on 8th October 2019, Bandhu Prakash Pal along with his whole family was found dead in their house. It included his pregnant wife, named beauty and the 8-year-old son. The incident took place in Jiaganj, Murshidabad district. The ruling party BJP claimed that Prakash was an RSS worker. After a while, the victim’s family denied Prakash’s association with any radical group. In addition to that, the early police examination pointed towards personal enmity behind the murder as opposed to the false news.

An image of two men is viral on social media from the last few days. The man in a skull cap has been accused as the one behind the murders. This was posted on twitter by someone named ‘Sanjay Gupta ‘BJP’’. It is important to note that he is followed by Piyush Goyal.


One more account @bhakt1387 posted such content accusing him of being the


In the same fashion, the same picture was shared on Facebook too. One of the accounts was of Dilip Kumar, the image posted by him received more than 4000 shares and 1,000 likes. The caption read, “ये वही हत्यारा है जो एक हंसता मुस्कुराता हिन्दू परिवार (बंधु प्रकाश) की हत्या कर दी । इनके और साथी होंगे वो कहां है? क्या ये अल्लाह के नेक बंदे है? इस हत्याकांड के मकसद क्या है, इसके पीछे और कौन लोग है? देश के सामने आना जरूरी है। (This is the murderer who is responsible for killing a happy Hindu family. Where are his partners??

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Fact Check:

We investigated and found that the viral image has nothing to do with the Prakash triple murder. The image is of a Bangladeshi resident Mehedi Hasan Rasel. In the picture, Rasel can be seen with his father.



More about Mehedi Hasan Rasel:

Rasel is accused to have murdered a college student, Abrar Fahad. Abrar Fahad was a 2nd engineering student. The murder is said to have taken place in the Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology. Abrar Fahad was said to be killed because he spoke ill of the government.


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