Image of offering Namaz in Bangladesh shared as roads blocked in India

Image of offering Namaz in Bangladesh shared as roads blocked in India

Image of offering Namaz in Bangladesh shared as roads blocked in India

A photograph went viral on 2nd June 2019, which showed a huge gathering of people with bent knees, kneeling and praying rather offering “Namaz on roads” with vehicles stationed in and around them.

Bollywood actress “Payal Rohatgi” tweeted from her official twitter handle stating this happened in India and it should not be allowed. She further asked for a ban on offering Namaz on roads and tagged the twitter handles of Prime Minister’s Office as well as the Home Minister’s Office for this purpose.

Payal Rohatgi’s tweet received a total like of 678, along with 290 retweets & 92 comments ranging from calls for conducting ‘Havans’ on roads, to calling this gathering a show of power from the Islamic community.

Payal’s tweet was earlier posted on Facebook by a certain Rahul Ramraj but the same did not get much traction or attention. 


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Fact check about Namaz on road in India:

Now coming to the reality part we get that, this picture was originally taken in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 8th January 2019. This is the occasion of hundreds of Muslims taking part and offering their Friday prayers in Biswa Istema, in Tongi. Biswa Istema is 20 kms away from Dhaka Bangladesh.


The Bishwa Ljtema is the yearly congregation of Muslims in Tongi, by the banks of the River Turag, in the peripheries of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s literal English language translation is Global Congregation. It is one of the largest nonviolent assemblies in the world. The Ijtema is a prayer assembly spread over three days, during which attending disciples of Islam perform daily prayers while listening to scholars delivering and explaining verses from the Quran. 

It closes with the final prayers also known as Akheri Munajat, or the Concluding Supplication, in which masses of disciples raise their hands in front of Allah (God) and pray for world peace. The final prayers or Akheri Munajat is recited by Maulana Zubair Ahmed who is imam of Kakrail Mosque in the capital Dhaka and leader of a faction of the Tablighi Jamaat in Bangladesh.

It is done so by them because Ljtema is considered as a demonstration of Muslim unity, solidarity, mutual love and respect and an occasion to retell their pledge to Islamic values.


This viral photograph is in actuality a picture of religious peace, solidarity and tolerance taken 3 years ago in another country (Bangladesh). But it was falsely projected as something intolerant and public convenience disrupting event happening in India just to create rouse and further feeling of hatred amongst the largest democracy in the world with the sole intention of creating a rift between communities.

There stands no point in spreading such rumours against a secular country like India. If there is hatred anywhere in hearts of Muslims and Hindus, it is because of such rumours that keeps on spreading by a few people to target a large number of people. For such reasons, we at Verify Khabar brings to you the strongest reality of what all happens around you versus which fake news you have been believing to.

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