Is HIV infected blood added in Cadbury products ?

Is HIV infected blood added in Cadbury products ?

Is HIV infected blood added in Cadbury products ?


Cadbury is world’s most famous brand. And almost all the families use Cadbury product in their daily use, not only kids but adults too love Cadbury’s chocolates DairyMilk Fruit and Nuts, Silk etc.  But now a days a hoax message is being circulated on social media that a guy added his HIV infected blood into Cadbury products. In the viral message people are sharing a pic, in which a guy is arrested by corp and people are claiming that this guy added his HIV infected blood in Cadbury products.

Viral Message about HIV infected Cadbury Products:

Cadbury product HIV


Reality of Viral message about HIV infected Cadbury Products:

First of all we would like to tell the truth of arrested guy (visible in photo). Actually this photo is taken from Nigeria when Ogwuche (mastermind of Nyanya Bomb blasts) was arrested. Ogwuche was in the custody of Nigeria Police in 2014.


Cadbury HIV


Cadbury HIV arrested


Can HIV survive outside the body:

HIV Virus can survive only in Bodily fluids e.g. blood, semen, saliva. HIV virus can’t survive outside the body for very long time. Coming into contact with blood or semen, from a person who has a detectable viral load, that has been outside the body doesn’t generally pose a risk for HIV transmission. The risk of passing on HIV virus from one to someone else is very very low.

How is HIV not passed on?

We cannot pass on HIV by:

  • Kissing
  • Hugging
  • Shaking hands
  • Any other normal social contact
  • Sharing space or toilet with someone
  • sharing household items such as cups, plates, glasses etc.

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So its proved that this is totally a fake news and purpose seems to defame the Cadbury products, this has become so trendy. People starts a chain to defame a product/brand like earlier we reported about PARACETAMOL TABLET CONTAINS MACHUPO VIRUS



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