List of top black money holders in Swiss bank

List of top black money holders in Swiss bank

List of top black money holders in Swiss bank


Black money has always been the subject of the country’s biggest debate. Nowadays people are sharing a “list of top black money holders in Swiss bank” on their social media account. In that particular list, there are so many senior Indian politician are listed as well.

People are sharing the list of top 30 account holders of swiss bank with below mention claim:

“Undigestible news: Indians black money in Swiss bank is Rs. 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated to be 1.3 trillion dollars) this money belongs to 2000 indians who have kept there to evade from tax, This money is enough for our india to become 10 america and become one of the most powerful developed country in the world for next 100yrs..Please raise your hand by forwarding this to all if you have free messages..As an INDIAN I am Forwarding…”

Another list with same message:

As per the above the claim, almost every top politicians of indian politics are listed into the list.

As expected.. 😉 😉

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Fact Check:

When the above list came into our notice then we tried to examine the facts. And we found multiple points which proofs that this is totally fake news, nothing else.

Point no.1: 

In every list you may notice that same amount is mentioned in same order only names are being changed in every lists. Means, in first list Sonia Gandhi is on the top and in the second one Asadudhin Ovaisi is on the top. But in both list the top member is having same amount (568000 Cr.) into their swiss bank account.

Point no. 2:

As per the claim, this list was published by Wiki Leaks. but we went through the search option in regarding any such list of black money holders in Swiss bank, we didn’t find any relevant information about list of black money holders of Swiss bank.

But In 2011, WikiLeaks founder “Mr. Julian Assange” told a television channel that black money to Swiss banks mainly comes from India. But the WikiLeaks has never published any such type of list of Indians regarding their black money in Swiss banks.

In 2011, Wikileaks had tweeted a clarification on this fake list of black money holders being shared on social media.

So it proves that this is totally fake list. Don’t believe such type of fake news.



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  • Until Swiss bank and other foriegn banks reveal the list to government difficult to say. But all foriegn banks protecting their clients accounts secrecy

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