Love Jihad – Muslim boy tried to knife Hindu girl: Fact Check

Love Jihad – Muslim boy tried to knife Hindu girl: Fact Check

Love Jihad – Muslim boy tried to knife Hindu girl: Fact Check

A piece of news that is getting viral these days is about Love Jihad, where a Muslim boy, who trapped a Hindu girl and tried to stab her to death. The boy couldn’t bring her to death because the girl shouted and the boy was grabbed by the nearby people. The news spread like wildfire by VaishaliHindu where it has been seen with a lot of engagements like 778 retweets, 1021 likes.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media universities shared with this caption and connected it with love jihad #लवजिहाद

एक मुस्लिम लड़का,जो एक हिन्दू लड़की को अपने #लवजिहाद में फंसाकर उसको घुमाने लाया और मर्डर करने जा रहा था😡लेकिन लड़की के चिल्लाने पर आसपास के लोगों ने इसे पकड़ लिया और जमकर ठुकाई की इस मुल्ले की ,
हिन्दू लड़कियों #लवजिहाद से सावधान रहो,नही तो ये घटना तुम्हारे साथ भी हो सकती है !

Initially a twitter user Vaishali Mishra shared this on her twitter account and she got 779 retweets.

Muslim boy tried to kill hindu girl love jihad

This viral video got place on Facebook and WhatsApp too

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Love Jihad Video Fact check

We at VerifyKhabar tried to find out the truth of this video. When we looked into this, we found It is all about Arvind Kumar, the lover of a student who resides in Chandwa resident in a coaching school in Lalpur. He attacked his lover with a knife and bled her. This is nothing to do with Love Jihad. After proper studying of the report, we found that the incident took place at around 4 o’clock on Sunday. The incident took place near Ratan Tand, which is the border of Patratu and Pithoria and that falls under the Pithoria police station area.

As per the information received, Arvind came to Ranchi on Sunday to meet his lover and he went to roam with her in Patratu Valley and Dam. During this journey, a dispute broke out between the two. Though it was just a quarrel, Arvind it in his ego and he stopped the bike near a tree, making a statement that it is very hot. Both relaxed under the shade of the tree, but, out of anger, Arvind stabbed her lover in her neck with a knife. She shouted and somehow she could run away from the incident and approached to the nearby people and explained all the thing. The people immediately informed the police and arrested the accused youth. An FIR has been lodged on the statement of the student and further investigation is under process.

So, the fake news that states about the communal riot and love jihad are not true. We exposed the truth and found that the incident was because of a dispute between two lovers and both were Hindu.

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