Modi the Dracula of Kashmir Objectionable Poster in AMU : Fact Check

Modi the Dracula of Kashmir Objectionable Poster in AMU : Fact Check

Modi the Dracula of Kashmir Objectionable Poster in AMU : Fact Check

Now a days, a poster is making rounds on social media. The slogan of the poster is “Modi the Dracula of Kashmir”. And people are claiming that this objectionable poster had been displayed in the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

This derogatory slogan against PM Modi had been displayed after abrogation of 370 and 35A articles from Kashmir.

“Modi the Dracula of Kashmir” Objectionable Poster in AMU

Let’s see how it’s making rounds, the below one on social media is being circulated as Aranb Goswami posted this but we couldn’t find any such post, seems it’s been photoshopped or been removed.











हिन्दू चौधरी , his profile says he works at BJP also posted this. This post has been shared many time, you can see in below image



People are sharing it on their social media account and also commenting against the AMU without verifying the reality of this poster and slogan “Modi the Dracula of kashmir“.

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“Modi the Dracula of Kashmir” Objectionable Poster in AMU: Fact Check

When we investigated the picture then we found that this picture is not taken from AMU. In reality this picture is taken from the video of the protest happened in London to denounce India revoking Kashmir’s special status. When you will play the video, you will the see the same poster and same building that has been displayed in above images.

The protest in London for Kashmir took place in front of the Indian High Commission where thousands turned up to raise their voices for Kashmir.

This video is originally posted by “Shaykh Sulaiman Gani“. As per his social media account, he seems a generalist located into the London, and in the video he seems covering the protest.

We also noticed that AMU lodged FIR against man for posting objectionable post. The university issued a press statement saying that the administration is of the view that to link AMU with such a controversial poster shows a nefarious design to malign the image of the varsity, which stands for nation building and has zero tolerance for such activities. Though from the article it’s not clear if it is for this poster or any other as they haven’t posted the poster. Read more here

Aligarh Police also tweeted stating that it’s not been posted by AMU students

For your information, on 5th August 2019 Indian government decided to repeal article 370 and 35A from the Kashmir. Since then there are so many fake news on Kashmir current situation are circulated into the social media. Our Team busted so many such type of fake news : Please find the link as mentioned below:



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