No, Indian opposition leaders were not waiting to meet Imran Khan

No, Indian opposition leaders were not waiting to meet Imran Khan

No, Indian opposition leaders were not waiting to meet Imran Khan


In this modern age of the internet, there are lots of fake news in the form of forged or photo shopped image and also by misleading articles. This type of contents is created by anti-social elements to spread hatred among different communities. Another major purpose of such content is to either glorify a person or degrade someone’s character.

It can get extremely difficult to tell fake news from real ones. To tackle this issue you can refer to our website. We are a fact-checking website that is committed to exposing fake and misleading information. Such fake news are encountered every day on social media and even mainstream media.

Viral News:

In the recent past, a photo shopped image went viral, from the meeting of Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa. It has become a centre of attention for hyper-nationalist and Pro-BJP people.

The image shows many top Indian National Congress leaders waiting at the back while the meeting is going on. Congress prominent leader Shatrughan Sinha known for his dialogues in movies, Navjot Singh Sidhu ex-cricketer, Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee and Ex-Congress president Rahul Gandhi are morphed in the photo and it looks real. Here is a snapshot of posts shared by people.


In above shared image you can see that almost 2.6K people retweeted the same image without examine the fact.

It has also been posted from the Facebook account of Devaraj Kotla. From there it has been shared more than 4000 times.


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Fact Check:

Here is the unedited picture in the original form. The original image was published into Pakistan news website “Ary News”.



It was originally posted from the twitter handle of @Atheist_Krishna as a sarcastic jibe at the opposition party. It seems people didn’t understand the context and started sharing it blindly.

One careful glance at the picture is enough to tell that it is fake. A Simple Google reverse image exposes the secret. Reverse Google search takes us to the original image where we can see no one is sitting at the back. So from the next time, you ever see something like this, make sure to verify the facts before forming an opinion.


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