Does Paracetamol tablet contain Machupo virus ?

Does Paracetamol tablet contain Machupo virus ?

Does Paracetamol tablet contain Machupo virus ?


As we all are aware that Paracetamol is a medicine used to treat pain and fever. But since last few days a message is being viral on social media that “Paracetamol tablet contains Machupo virus”. The hoax about Paracetamol is: “URGENT WARNING! Be careful not to take the paracetamol that comes written P / 500. It is a new, very white and shiny paracetamol, doctors advise that it contains Machupo virus, considered one of the most dangerous virus in the world, with a high mortality rate.”


Viral Message:

paracetamol hoax


People are sharing this message with out the awareness about the truth. And due to this hoax message people are believing that paracetamol is not safe now. P-500 paracetamol tablet contains world’s most dangerous virus named “Machupo“.

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Reality about “Paracetamol contains Machupo:

So first of all we need to know that what is Machupo. Actually Machupo virus which causes Bolivian haemorrhagic fever is limited to South America. It typically infects rodents and it is comparatively rare in humans. There are no known cases of Machupo virus in India.

Malaysian Government released a press note to aware the people that its a hoax. So that they should not believe in such type of viral.


Food and Drug Administration department of Indonesia has also put out an official statement declaring that it is totally fake news.

So many newspapers and government agencies declared that it is a hoax and totally fake news. But this message still continues to be viral on social media.


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