Salman Khan gifted flat worth Rs 55 lakh to Ranu Mandal ?

Salman Khan gifted flat worth Rs 55 lakh to Ranu Mandal ?

Salman Khan gifted flat worth Rs 55 lakh to Ranu Mandal ?


Nowadays Ranu Mandal became an Internet sensation because of her voice. Few days back she was singing a song ‘Ek pyaar ka naagma’ and Atindra Chakraborty, a man passing by the station, recorded her voice and shared on social media. That video became viral on social media. Now Himesh Reshammiya offered to sing songs for movie Happy Hardy and Heer. In between a news become viral on internet that “Salman Khan gifted flat to Ranu Mandal”.

Viral video that Salman gifted flat to Ranu Mandal:



This type of video are being viral of social media and YouTube channels as well.


Reality of Viral “Salman khan’s gift to Ranu Mandal”:

According to Vicky Biswas, a member of Ranaghat’s Amra Shobai Shoitan club they have been taking care of Ranu Mandal, this is totally fake news that is being spread on social media. They haven’t heard anything about such type of gifts from Salman Khan. According to Vicky Biswas, there are multiple fake news circulating on social media about the Ranu Mandal, like: She has purchased a car worth Rs 15 lakh, or she has been called for Bigg Boss.

Times of India also published an article to expose the same fake news: “Salman Khan gifted flat worth Rs 55 lakh to Ranu Mandal”.

Let’s analyse the video:

  1. From the video thumbnail it’s pretty clear this is photoshopped image, Ranu Mandal and Salman Khan photo has been merged in one photo. The photo of Salman Khan can be found easily, see the below image of Salman which is used in video.

2. In Mumbai: the luxurious house they are showing in video can not be bought in 55 Lakh


Though there was not much to analyse as it’s so obvious to find out that video claim is fake.

So all these news circulating on social media are totally baseless.

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