Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died in an accident : Fact Check

Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died in an accident : Fact Check

Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died in an accident : Fact Check


Nowadays, it is very common to circulate any fake photos and rumours of famous celebrities on
social media. Recently, there is a rumour being fire on the social media sites about the
former cricketer of Sri Lanka, “Sanath Jayasuriya”. Let’s see the reality of “Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died in an accident”.

According to websites CBTV, Sanath Jayasuriya met a fatal accident in Canada and died in hospital. As per CBTV “Man knocked down by vehicle in Toronto identified as former Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya”


cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died


Article posted by CBTV:

Man who was knocked down by a Honda Civic vehicle in Canada yesterday sadly dies in hospital.

He passed away this morning – some few hours after sustaining serious injuries following the incident yesterday.

The man has been identified as Sanath Jayasuriya, former Sri Lankan cricketer.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Canada has confirmed the identity of the 49 year old and said they were aware of his visit to Toronto, Canada.

Sanath Jayasuriya sustained injuries when a Honda Civic vehicle knocked him down after it failed brakes in front of the Toronto Mall yesterday.

He was rushed to the hospital but passed on due to life-threatening injuries.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident but preliminary reports by the Police show that the vehicle failed brakes.


Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi also tweeted it on his official account.

cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya died

Archived version of his tweet can be seen here

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Fact Check:

We couldn’t believed this and felt it must be fake news as any main stream media reported this. We checked the social media accounts handle in the name of “Sanath Jayasuriya”, and found in twitter account he debunked about that fake news on the same day. He has also requested to disregard fake news by some malicious websites regarding his health and well being.

Please disregard fake news by malicious websites regarding my health and well being. I am in Srilanka and have not visited Canada recently.Please avoid sharing fake news.


The real truth is that Sanath Jayasuriya is in Sri Lanka and has not visited Canada. He is
spending quality time with his family members and relatives. Currently, he is not even
planning to Canada for a trip or any vacation with his family members.


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