Women Helpline number 9969777888 not working anymore

Women Helpline number 9969777888 not working anymore

Women Helpline number 9969777888 not working anymore

Women safety is the most important concern for indian government now a days. But if someone says that there is a mobile number which is very helpful for women safety then would you believe on that ? On Social media people are sharing a mobile number 9969777888 and they are claiming that this is Women Helpline number. In reality women Helpline number 9969777888 is not working anymore.

Viral Message about Women Helpline number 9969777888:

If any women is traveling via any commercial cab our taxi, then she can message the details of cab to 9969777888. On the immediate basis she will get acknowledgement via sms. And Vehicle will be tracked via GPRS. This service is totally free.

9969777888 women helpline

People are sharing this viral message on their social accounts. Also attaching the pic of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi with the viral message.


9969777888 fake news

Truth of women helpline number 9969777888:

Actually this service was started by Mumbai police on the occasion of Women’s Day, March 2014. This service was jointly started started by MTNL. Mumbai Police stopped it in March 2017 due to poor response.Mid-day.com posted about it’s shutdown news . And most interesting part of this message is that people are attaching the photo of PM modi. While Narendra Modi was neither Maharashtra’s CM, nor India’s PM in March 2014. Women helpline number 9969777888 was launched by Mumbai police Commissioner Mr. Rakesh Maria.

This number is not working anymore. When we send sms to 9969777888 then we receive a reply from Mumbai Police to call “100”. And in case of calling at 9969777888 it says “This Number does not exist”.

Delhi police also tweeted about this and said it’s not true:

Such new about helpline numbers keeps circulating, earlier we have posted about child helpline number 1098, that’s actually not a child helpline number.


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